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Who we are & what we do!

About us!

Servicorp Industries Ltd is an international firm founded in London, 2003. Today, we have successful operations established in several countries across Europe and Asia; countries such as Spain, Germany, Italy, France and India.

Our services extend in various catagories, ranging from business consultancy and IT to International Trade; import and export of construction material for building plots, high end quality furniture, facades, finished

metal and metal scrap and recycled paper.

In order to offer the best possible service to our clients, Servicorp Industries Ltd has introduced a number of sub-companies known as Simran Ltd, Eight Interiors, Simran Exporters, Servicorp Management, Servitech solutions and Servicorp Therapy. Each sub company employs specialists in a particular field.

Servicorp´s success is based on the years of experience and work we have done in different continents. Diversification and penetrating the Asian market at an optimal time has given us the competitve advantage and

opportunity to grow.

Management Consultancy

Servicorp Management is a management and consultancy firm designed to manage and ease our client´s work load.

Servicorp Management is build by a team of experienced professionals who had for seen the crisis before it hit Europe. Countless job losses meant a high increase in workload per individual.

What we do? Our personnel is available for hire on the spot to provide on creative solutions to complete time consuming jobs that saves our client the trouble of hiring permanent personnel and spending high amount of  unnecessary capital.

Information Systems
Import export

Servicorp Management

Servitech Solutions

Simran Exporters

(8 Interiors)

London - Liverpool St Train Station

Management Control of Personnel Security Systems Maintenance, Import of High End Quality Furniture

United Kingdom - Stansted Airport

France - Charles de Gaule Airport

Management Control of Personnel Security Systems Maintenance, Import of High End Quality Furniture

Past Projects

Servicorp Terapia

Servitech Solutions

Servicorp Management

Simran Exporters

Servitech Solutions is yet another subsidiary of Servicorp Industries. It may seem as just another computer firm that can assist to maintain a computer network. In reality, it is a lot more than just a simple computer company.

        Servitech Solutions works in a joint force with Servicorp Management Consultants to evaluate the feasibility of our clients computer systems. We deal in Management Information Systems (MIS), Networking Infrastructures (intranet & back up systems (RAID)), Repairs, Build-up of customised pc´s. Above mentioned jobs require few circuits that are easy to maintain, hence, cost effective.

Simran Exporters directly started out as a multinational corporation. It developed in multiple sectors and markets at once, particularly in African and Asian Markets.

Simran Exporters´ main business areas are as follows:

Our main job is to find the right supplier to complete projects prior to deadlines.





Servicorp Therapy started out as a simple company offering massage therapy services to three targeted markets of “singe parents”, “families” & “self employed” people, with the aim to offer a chance to acquire a relaxing and stress-free lifestyle.

It then evolved into the empire now known as Servicorp Industries Ltd with a simple philosophy to understand and be responsive to clients’ needs; to have the ability and willingness to provide unique individual solutions in a creative manner and meet specific requirements & be different from every Service Provider in our industry.

Servicorp Therapy