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Company Structure...

Servicorp Industries Ltd is a people company. It originated as a consultancy firm to assist businesses and/or self employed people to achieve their targets. Our elite team is combined with experienced elders and upcoming entrepreneurs with brand new ideas to take your business to a new level. Just as other multinational corporations, we have enough personnel to assign a combined team to complete your projects.

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Servicorp Management

Servitech Solutions

Servicorp Therapy

Simran Exporters

Eight Interiors

Simran Jewellers

100% Efficient Customer Service

On the Spot Solutions

Under budget “A” class results

…from past projects

Customer Testimonials!

“...they consider every project as a mission, which in my opinion is what makes them so successful in completing tasks on time, under budget and generate everlasting positive results.”

Open to all markets


Taking into consideration fluctuating economy, most small to medium sized businesses tend to shut down as they are unable to compete in their market formed with large corporations. Studies conclude that we are the reason, not the fluctuating economy itself.

         Most business feel as if they are unable to compete with others due to high amount of capital required. UNTRUE!

Like most corporations, we assign a team to to assist you

successfully achieve your targets.

We quote only for the number of hours required to work. This saves our clients from hiring a full time employee for a part time job. Unlike these multinational corporations, we also offer our a team leader at your constant disposal to overview the performance upon completion of the project (no extra cost). If necessary, the team leader himself will put the team together to solve any other problems you may have.